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C&TA donations continued

C&TA members have contributed over £100,000 to enable the Norwich Museum Service to improve and extend their costume and textile collection

The second detailed list below is a reminder of the valuable role that C&TA continues to play;


Olympic costumes, NUA Digital printed scarf competition, C&TA / NUA event and awards, plus silk scarf donated to NMAS, NUA fashion student Costume Society Symposium bursary, Bridewell loom project, Fine Cell Work items, Sarah Impey Quilt, Conservation of Newgate Quilt; £10,964.40.


Lorina Bulwer sampler, conservation of feathered items for the Wonder of Birds exhibition; £5,110. Dalmatic; £5,000, 2 contemporary items from C&TA's 25th year Anniversary Competition.


; Strangers Hall Conservation Project; £10,000.


; The Arts of Living Gallery rotation project;  £4,782, Callimanco & Pelmet, Strangers Hall; £1,868, images below. Donation of exhibition item to Shire Hall £400. June Croll shawl; £


; Conservation of the Le Genereux Ensign for the Nelson exhibition; £5,000.


   b   c
a; Dress and Norwich Shawl, c.1830s, dress in printed cotton with shawl motifs and woollen draw-loom woven shawl.
b; Dressing gown made from a woven shawl, c. 1870ís and worn by Mrs Jeary in Norwich, features Japanese style gilt buttons.
c; Samples of Norwich silk, late 19th century.
Conservation costs for the above items from the Arts of Living gallery exhibits donated by C&TA 2016.

Pelmet with black worsted satin, large flowered pattern on the front backing consisting of hessian repaired with a very rare piece of stamped vermicelli wool, almost certainly Norwich.

   |Exhibit chosen by the Curator from our 25th Anniversary Competition|      
Exhibit chosen by the        Callimanco piece of Norwich
curator from our 25th         textile
Anniversary competition

|Strangers Hall conservation|  |Strangers Hall conservation||Strangers Hall conservation|
Strangers Hall conservation project


|Fine Cell Work Quilt|
Fine Cell Work quilt

|Fine Cell Work Cushion - Because you're mine I walk the line|
Fine Cell Work cushion - Because you're mine, I walk the line

|Lorina Bulwer Sampler|
Lorina Bulwer sampler

|Lorina Bulwer sampler|
Lorina Bulwer sampler

June Croll Shawl, donated to Shire Hall 2016

|Newgate Quilt|
Newgate quilt

|Sara Impey Quilt|
Sara Impey quilt

|Exhibit chosen by the Curator from our 25th Anniversary Competion 2014|
Exhibit chosen by the curator from our 25th Anniversary competition

|Olympic Costume - Glam Rock Jacket|
Olympic costume - Glam Rock jacket






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